Yellow Truck Gardens offer complete Gardening services to it clients, from Design, Installation, and Maintenance, to Garden Coaching.  


Yellow Truck Gardens works with each client to create a beautiful space to enjoy for many years!  And working together is the key. Starting with a site visit and asking lots of questions – colors, texture, budget, maintenance, etc. – we start to understand what the client wants. From that point, Christine begins working on the design with regular client check-ins. The final design includes an estimate of cost, plants, and time needed to complete a project.

Yellow Truck Gardens performs its own installations, under Christine's direct supervision. We take special care to ensure the client is completely satisfied before we finish a project.

To look its best, a garden and landscape need ongoing maintenance.  The make-up of the garden determines just how much maintenance is needed.  Perhaps a spring clean-up and a layer of compost to start the growing season.  Or weekly maintenance for large and complex landscapes. 


What We Offer

Garden Coaching can be a very fulfilling experience. Imagine being able to ask questions and get knowledgeable advice for your own property, right on the spot. Coaching can be as simple as the first steps of design, being able to discuss what may work and how to proceed. Coaching can also be an immersion into best gardening practices. Christine works hands-on with the client through gardening basics or more advanced techniques of planting, maintenance, splitting perennials, pruning, and much more. The choice is up to you!


Using hand tools for most jobs, our Gardeners take special care to prune your shrubs and trees the proper way for long term health, looks, and growth.  The Right Technique, the Right Tools, the Right Time!


  • Renovation/Rejuvenation of old Gardens
  • Weed Control using organic methods
  • Containers of all sizes and shapes to add color and excitement to every corner
  • Seasonal Plantings and Decorations