Yellow Truck Gardens came from, you guessed it, a yellow truck, and from Christine's talent and drive. Several years ago, Christine discovered she has an innate talent to bring plants together and make a garden colorful, interesting, and inviting! She brings energy, commitment, and motivation to every gardening job! 

In addition to gardening for more than 15 years, Christine takes more than 25 hours each year of continuing education courses - design, new perennials and shrubs, water issues, invasives, advanced pruning techniques to name a few.

Christine became a Massachusetts Master Gardener in 2012, and continues to practice her skills by volunteering for various projects.

Each member of our crew is chosen for not only for her (or his) talent, strength and stamina, but also for the desire to please the client! What you get from Yellow Truck Gardens is devotion to your needs, pride in our work and your gardens, and a personal touch in everything we do!

You will notice that we do nearly ALL of our work by hand.  It is our belief that to do things right, we have to leave behind the "machines" and touch the plants!  When it gets done properly, this technique takes only a bit more time, and is much better for the health of the plants.

Yellow Truck Gardens works in Worcester county, Metro West, Providence, and most of Rhode Island.    
Phone: 508 282-7327

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